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Silver Art Award for Artist Makers

In January five artists/makers in parachute club passed their Silver Art Awards.

These were very rewarding portfolios to moderate. The young people had clearly met difficult challenges during their Art Journey, but their achievement is evident. They have clearly been carefully guided and supported through the process. The range of evidence is presented is wide and effective in showing the progress thought their Art Journey. Particularly impressive in the Leadership Project which was ambitious and very well documented.” Moderator feedback, Arts Award, January 2019


Siddharth Gadiyar has his first solo exhibition at Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.

‘Wow, how incredible. Sitting here feeling immersed by the colours and purposefulness of their placing. They remind me of spokes if wheels being suddenly stopped or a fairground big wheel being paused. The video is so incredible, watching he placement of colour and form emerge. The large scale and the room really help to give depth to the work. Lovely to speak to Sids mum too and hear some of her story’ Visitor comment, March 2019


Tuesday Accelerate work with Photoworks

The Accelerate studio group were invited by Photoworks in Brighton to do some research on how to do photography so that everyone can take part. This project was part of the EXPLORERS programme.

The group spent six days exploring photography. They created a giant, wheelchair accessible camera obscura and also experimented with solar printing and light boxes, as well as drawing onto photographs and painting photographic projections. The research findings will be published by Photoworks. Some of the works created as part of this project were also displayed in the window of 12 Claremont.

Find out more about the EXPLORERS project with Photoworks at


Neville Jermyn selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize.

In October Neville’s Siberian tiger being selected for the prize.

Neville is looking forward to seeing his work in the exhibition in London in January. He thinks it will be a good trip.


Ellen Prebble’s work selected for the OutsideIn exhibition, Environments.

In November Ellen’s painting of Glen Affric was selected as part of the OutisideIn open call out. Ellen was delighted to have her work selected and enjoying seeing her work exhibition in Piano Nobile Gallery in London.


A general highlight of the year has been the new Activate group developing ways of working and meeting new artists and makers.

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