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We reject racism and inequality and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The rights and representation of underrepresented and marginalised people are at the heart of Project Art Works.

We know people with learning disabilities and complex needs are profoundly disempowered, unseen and unheard and we work alongside them and their families, so they and their capabilities are visible and valued in cultural and civic society, and so that their rights are protected. During the Covid-19 crisis liberty and rights of the people we work with have been eroded and this has been our area of focus.

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed how protests across the world have risen in response to the continued brutal and unjust treatment of people based on the colour of their skin and how powers that are designed to protect people can be used against them with little or no consequence.  We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

We believe that art can generate change and provide vital and positive momentum for greater equality of representation and as a result cultural enrichment for all. The protests and outpouring of grief in recent days have made us reconsider the scale and pace of change we want to make. Project Art Works is an organisation with a workforce and board of predominantly white people – our stakeholders and collaborators are more diverse. We recognise the need to listen and learn and to take action now to ensure black people have greater representation within Project Art Works and our community.

Through structured consultations with colleagues, trustees, stakeholders, our neurodivergent artists and makers and their communities of support we will establish and implement an action plan and timeline that addresses racial equality within our organisation and our practice. We will publish this within the next three months and update it regularly as we achieve each measurable target of change.

We value your comments, please email [email protected]

Kate Adams, Director & CEO, Project Art Works.


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Image: Painting Action, Hackney, 2017, EXPLORERS Project

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