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LA takes me on a journey using role play and sound as our medium.

The session will start with LA setting the scene where we will explore the human condition. We will reflect on a situation taken from a personal experience, usually from a memory where he has felt a little out of control. We will both have a character to play and LA will direct how the play unfolds. Using role play enables him to explore the character’s emotions and actions.

The importance of trust and connection between both artists enables sensitive and provoking scenes to be played out safely.

LA also enjoys doing impressions of certain people in his life. He likes me to impersonate an old lady who rarely lets other people speak, she poses a question then ploughs on with her own agenda talking over any responses given. All his characters are very relatable, and this creates a convivial atmosphere in the studio.

The second half of the session involves sound, especially the lower frequencies. From this practice he has created an alter ego called El Bass. El Bass has a fascination with Bluetooth speakers, this allows him to be remotely in control of sound. Hearing the sound is one way to feel but El Bass engages four of his senses. By placing a surface over the speaker, the surface vibrates and we can see the sound waves. Adding ink to the surface allows us to see the sound waves in more detail and it leaves a mark. Plus, the ink has a certain smell that El Bass likes. When working with lower frequencies you can feel the sound, the louder it goes the more pleased El Bass is. This work can only be carried out in a space where people don’t mind ground shaking volumes. Luckily on the day El Bass attends another PAW artist enjoys nothing more than knee shaking sound waves.

Written by Parachute Club Artist, Tom Lepora.