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The Supported Studios artist makers have been meeting for many years on a Wednesday in the Project Art Works studio. The studio is a tranquil place to develop art practice and nurture creativity with a strong sense of community. As we have had to pause the studio sessions due the current health crisis we are developing new ways to work closely with the Wednesday artist makers and provide platforms which create a new sense of community and shared practice during this uncertain period.

Social connection is a really important part of Wednesday’s Supported Studios. We stop for regular breaks when we’re in the studio together: the morning cup of tea and two biscuits at 11 am is as important as the artistic set up at the start of the day. It felt important to keep this going while the physical studio is closed, so we’re meeting weekly on Zoom at 11am when we would have paused and reflected on our studio day.

The artist team have also been sending specially selected art postcards between each other and checking in by telephone. Alongside that, the artist/makers have been requesting materials, source books/inspiration and one-to-one creative sessions to support their practice at home. As the new way of working evolves we look forward to sharing further creative insights from all the artists and makers.