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Following a group residency for Project Art Works artist/makers in March this year, the team at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre warmly welcomed us back for the first trip of our summer programme. Designed to keep in touch with artist/makers over the summer break from studios, the summer programme provides social opportunities and light-touch creative engagement.

Artist/makers who had worked at Rye earlier in the year enjoyed reconnecting with the spaces. Charlie Stephens began a painting of one of the bird hides from memory, before taking a walk to observe it again close up. She and Peter reflected on the sometimes-beautiful unreliability of memory.

Meanwhile, Charlie Thomas returned to photographing the birdlife itself, which was a great source of inspiration to him on the residency. Will ventured onto the balcony to paint from the landscape, but preferred to spend most of the day working on a large piece of Fabriano indoors.

Bringing back precious things from the shingle continued to inspire, and the group created a collaborative collection of the objects they found.

Ry Harbour 2022

Paul and Lucy particularly enjoyed walking and taking photos.

Lucy Jenion at Rye Harbour 2022

Ellen liked looking for sea potatoes (although didn’t find any this time) and talking to local bird watchers about her upcoming exhibition at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, which will include her keenly observed paintings of birds. Charlie also took inspiration from birds and drew an egret with some chalk she found while out walking. Making the most of the elements right on the doorstep of the visitor centre, the group made and flew a kite from the balcony, creating interesting patterns as the kite danced with aeroplane vapour trails, clouds and the roof of the centre.

Full of inspiration and collaboration, the visit was a great start to the summer and a brilliant excuse to return to Rye Harbour Visitor Centre!

The summer programme has included trips to Common Clay and Berwick Church and have really helped artists to feel connected to their creative practice over the summer break. This is all part of our Art. Freedom. Care. in-house programme.