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The final visit in the Project Art Works summer programme saw a group of artist/makers visiting Berwick Church. Adorned with unique murals undertaken by some of the Bloomsbury artists living at Charleston Farmhouse during the Second World War, the space provided inspiration for a day of drawing, painting and exploring the outdoors.

The group started with a variety of propositions in the nave of the church, and worked alongside each other in response to the space. Several artist/makers chose to make observational drawings of the murals, while others enjoyed the sensory aspects of the space or experimented with photography.

Film: A short film showing Project Art Works artists working in Berwick Church.

Images: (from left to right) Berwick Church studio set up, Sarah Dunne and Claire Matthews work collaboratively, Sean Ormonde works on a large piece of paper, Charlie Stephens takes inspiration from the interior of the church, August 2022.

Later in the day, individual artist/makers chose to explore the wider environment; some sat quietly in the churchyard for reflection, others painted the landscape looking out onto the South Downs, others gathered materials and made cyanotype prints.

Images: The views of the surrounding countryside from Berwick Church and the graveyard.

Meanwhile, artist/makers moved around the space inside the church, enjoying the peace of the space and choosing different areas to focus on.

Images: Ellen Prebble interprets the murals at Berwick Church and solar printing in process as part of a collaborative workshop.

The summer programme has included trips to Rye Harbour and Common Clay and have really helped artists to feel connected to their creative practice over the summer break. This is all part of our Art. Freedom. Care. in-house programme.

Thank you to the team at Berwick Church for a warm welcome to everyone, and for sharing their knowledge to highlight various aspects of the church and its history. Many artist/makers left for the journey home keen to work in the space again!

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