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Returning to work made last week on the barge gave us all a sense of pride and familiarity. In this second week, the artists in residence naturally gravitated to staying on board and connecting more deeply with the studio spaces we had established. Some artists also developed an interest in the boundaries between the inside and outside, with lots of work on or through the windows and portholes.


Mark continued to work with watercolours, this time drawing around everyday objects like masking tape or using projections to create pattern and then meticulously adding paint. Although the day went quickly, he felt he had a chance to get back into his bold and distinctive use of colour. Mark also continued his series of vehicle pictures from the regular studio, this time choosing a Volkswagen T3 camper van, which he outlined in pencil and plans to return to next week.

Mark's painting with cut-out sections


Lucy continued work on a costume head with Tom. This week, Lucy chose to work in a new space in the lower deck of the barge. This offered a sanctuary away from the bustling soundscape of the marina’s many bars and restaurants, and a quietness that Lucy appreciated when focusing on such ambitious work. The space also offered clear lighting through the portholes and lots of space to work, which all made for a good day. At the end of the session, Lucy said of her work, “I think it’s coming along very nicely and slowly coming alive.”

Lucy's Sonic the Hedgehog costume head in progress


Paul continued his photography collaboration with Georgie, focusing on reviewing images in the morning and applying colour to them through sprayed inks and paints. Cardboard boxes allowed the artists to isolate and explore specific projected images, even in the bright light of the upper deck. Later, Paul returned to the camera obscura with a new lens that sharpened the projected image. He shared this with friends who either had their images taken from the deck outside or explored the screens in the space with him.


In Aida’s absence this week, Charlie Stephens joined the group on the barge for the first time. Long-established as a studio artist at Project Art Works, Charlie also plays an active role in the collective as a Trustee. Her focus at recent Board meetings has been sharing updates with other Trustees on what has been going on in the studios. This dual approach informed Charlie’s work on the barge. As well as doing some of her own drawing, experimenting with charcoal, Charlie documented the day through film and photography. These images were posted on Instagram throughout the day so we could share the work going on aboard the barge more widely. Charlie is hoping to join the residency again and perhaps interview some of the other artist/makers in coming weeks. Watch this space!

A drawing by Charlie Stephens in charcoal, with three distinct forms in varying shades of light and dark