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G was able to engage in with a range of large and weighted art tools, and chose these when she needed. When G appeared to lose focus, other tools were offered to change the speed, texture and weight of processes. G appeared to sooth her thoughts and vocalisations by gently turning soft clay in her hands, and she pressed this into her foot gently, and allowed the artist to roll the clay over her heel.

G was smiling and seemed very content from the beginning of the session. We began by standing, and Georgie and Rachel stood either side of G, moving with her from side to side gently. G told us which colour she wanted from a range of choices on the palette which was held near her. She dipped her brush gently in the paint and began to dab the small canvas that was held in front of her.

After some time, G said she wanted to sit down, and we all sat, G in the middle, and we offered her some sanded small rectangles of wood. These seemed to be a very satisfying object to hold and turn, and using a paint pen, G gently made marks on the wood.

Written by Parachute Club Lead Artist, Rachel Hine.