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On Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is hosting a series of speaking and non-speaking events conceived by Project Art Works in collaboration with Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Terrains of Care explores the intersections between art and care in Spain and the UK through artistic practices and their relationship with complex care needs, disability and neurodivergence.

Where do the worlds of art and care intersect? What is the role of cultural institutions in solving society’s problems?

A Lecture-Walk Through Terrains of Care

Wednesday 18th October, 14.00 – 15.00 (no booking necessary), Residential Exhibition Space, Ground Floor, Baltic

Contributors: Carlota Mir (Curator) and Carlos Almela (Curator)

Based on their ongoing research on the intersections of (health)care, disability and neurodivergence, artist Costa Badía, Project Art Works and curators Carlota Mir and Carlos Almela will deliver a performative lecture connecting voice, film, text and visual materials from several practices and contemporary artists based in Spain. Bringing together these voices, the session will propose a nuanced vision of care that brings together artistic practices moving between the realms of the painful, the joyful and the political.

Conversation: Accessibility, Disability and Neurodivergence

Wednesday 18th October, 18.30 – 20.30, book at, Level 1, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Contributors: María Acaso (Museo Reina Sofia), Kate Adams (Project Art Works) Andrea Philips (BxNU Institute/Northumbria University), Claire White (artist), Emma Dean and Amanda McMahon (Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art)

This event examines and challenges conventional notions of care by looking at the crossover between communities and social systems of care, which both enable and disable people. The panel will discuss: Where do the worlds of art and care intersect? What is the role of cultural institutions in solving society’s problems?

Los Museos No Son Para Sentarse – performance and live translation 

Thursday 19th October, 13.30 – 16.00, Please book at exhibition space, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Contributors: Costa Badía (Artist), Carlota Mir (Curator), Carlos Almela (Curator)

This workshop with artist Costa Badía and curators Carlota Mir and Carlos Almela will comprise a collective live translation of Costa Badía’s book Los Museos No Son Para Sentarse (museums are not places for sitting) (2021). In this short essay, Badía shares her perspective on life as a disabled artist, exploring topics such as access, empathy, sexuality, mental health, autonomy, and care. The act of translating together in a live setting will provide an opportunity to share experiences of how artistic institutions enable and disable bodies. Spanish is not required to participate in the session, but it is welcome. 

For biographies of all the conributors please click here.

Supported by Acción Cultural Española.

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