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Project Art Works families will have their work installed as part of new woodland festival in Hastings in June.

Families, from our Art Breaks programme, have been working with the artist team to explore their creativity. Nature has been a vital resource for many families over the last year and we’ve been experimenting with natural materials found in the outdoors.

In the lead up to Wilding (5-13th June), we have worked together – in the woods, from the studio and at home – to create a collective of dryads to watch over the festival site. Dryads are tree spirits known for being shy and for being supernaturally bound to their homes in the trees. We’re excited to explore, as these creatures take tentative steps back into the world and connect with Wilding audiences!

Wilding Festival - June 2021

For more the full programme of festival activities and workshops (delivered by a range of Wilding community partners).

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