Eden Kötting

Eden Kötting

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From a very early age Eden has enjoyed drawing and painting, especially with her father. Together they have had exhibitions in the UK and France. She began working at Project Art Works in 2010 as part of the mentoring studios.

Eden enjoys the busy atmosphere of artistic endeavour working with paint and canvas. She loves being with others that are also concentrating on their work and has a great sense of humour.

Eden loves to paint objects that she has chosen for ‘Still Life’ but sometimes she might also choose to paint images from her head. Her visual impairment influences the way she sees the world and she has worked hard to develop her abilities to look carefully at what she sees. She carefully plans out her drawings in pen or pencil before adding plenty of colour. Working in the studio she continues to expand her range of mark making as well as her painting skills.

She has collaborated with her father, artist and film maker Andrew Kötting, on numerous projects for both the cinema and the gallery and together with him she has produced a large body of work around the themes of ‘Still Life’.

Eden says: I like drawing because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel big and I am happy when I am drawing. I like people looking at my paintings and my drawings. I like writing on my drawings.

Eden’s film for Random Acts – ‘It’s All in the Mind’ – can be viewed here.

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