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Gabby R

Gabby R

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Gabby R has been working with Project Art Works for a number of years. Her practice is extremely detailed and focussed, manipulating her collection of favourite objects and materials to create extraordinary figurative representations and environments. Gabby was recently awarded Silver from Arts Award. See Gabby R’s blog on her Arts Award at

Exhibitions & Residencies

In the Realm of Others, De La Warr Pavilion, 2015

Illuminating the Wilderness, screened at MK Gallery, Tate Liverpool and Museum of Modern Art in Sydney , 2019

Coastal Currents, Project Art Works, 2019

Ignition, Hastings Contemporary, March – May 2021

Turner Prize 2021 Exhibition, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, September – January 2022

Coastal Currents, Project Art Works studio, Hastings, 2022