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Lucy Jenion

Lucy Jenion 2022

Lucy Jenion

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Working extensively with animated films as reference material, Lucy Jenion’s practice is centred on drawing, painting and photography. Lucy’s dense journals offer a record of her deep research process, which often takes a particular film, character or cultural moment as its starting point. Lucy works with imagination and skill to render the resulting scenes in vivid colours and minute detail, often situating herself as a character within the piece.

Buy work by Lucy Jenion here at Untitled Gallery.

Exhibitions & Residencies

Ignition, Hastings Contemporary, March – May 2021

Coastal Currents, Project Art Works studio, Hastings, September 2022

Lucy, Jack, Gabby, Phoenix Art Space, 4 March – 23 April 2023

Residential, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 23 September 2023 – 25 February 2024

Lucy Jenion is featured at the following exhibitions