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Project Art Works continue their work at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Space, with a weekend of activities as part of a huge programme focused on disability.

Kate Adams, Tim Corrigan and Katie Taylor will be hosting workshops exploring collective action and the importance of people taking part on their own terms.

“People who need support in all areas of their lives are not born vulnerable as such, but rather it is the different support systems (which tend to function irregularly and arbitrarily, especially in adulthood) that they make them vulnerable. For this reason, in our artistic studio, where we accompany neurodivergent creators, we work fluidly under the premise that we must transform spaces and not people. And this is how we achieve a repositioning: we are no longer a person in need or an object of care, evaluation, services or public funds, but rather a creative force whose vitality is resounding.” Direct translation from the Museo Reina Sofia website.

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This work follows on from our Terrains of Care programme which was held at Baltic in October. Find out more here.

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