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Each week we send all the participants materials to inspire creative activity in between zoom workshop sessions. This ‘Carers Week’ Tuesday Accelerate team would like to take the opportunity to thank the families and carers that support our makers to continue their artistic practice in their own homes. The bespoke art packages we send as well as the group zoom sessions rely on the support of family and carers. It’s been a really good way for us all to get to know each other a bit more and share our way of working with broader support teams. This has resulted in all sorts of exciting creative activity beyond the postal exchange and online workshops. From outdoor or bedroom window installations to growing gallery walls (like we saw in the last blog).

Here are few images of Christopher Tite working at home – as prolific as he is in the studio, supported fantastically by his family to do this.

Click here to see more of Christopher’s work on his Artist & Maker page

Tuesday Accelerate Studio, Lead Artist, Annis Joslin.

Images supplied by Christophers family.