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In March artist/makers from Project Art Works are taking part in a group residency at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre in East Susssex. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers space in which to explore their creative processes, in particular in relation to the natural world.

Each week Charlie Stephen’s will be documenting the day and sharing the process through our Practice Blog.

This week at Rye Harbour

We made it to the sea

While we were there we looked for shells and hermit crabs. No hermit crabs but lots of interesting shells.

Back in the bird hive

We watched the fishing boats

We watched some fishing boats go out and come back in. There were lots of seagulls around the fishing. boats, they were very interesting. We saw somebody being saved out at sea by the coast guard. I’m annoyed I didn’t take any photos of that.

In the studio

“It was a super high spring tide, I think because of full moon /equinox. We finally made it all the way to the beach which was lovely for everyone. Gaby started working on the crab shed found the previous week and it had dried out sufficiently to strengthen with a glue gun. Charlie T finished his Avocet painting and Charlie S spread paint with her hands and sand and PVA to complete her painting that has been a response to all the walks, views, sounds and found materials she’s gathered over the last 3 weeks.” Georgie Scott, Artist Facilitator

Work in progress

Charlie S’ work in progress and Neville’s seagull is coming along.

Finished works

This week Charlie S, Charlie T and Will all finished works.