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Supporting You

Support Collective

Holistic and personalised approaches are central to enabling people who have complex needs to achieve quality of life. Nothing should happen in isolation. If someone needs support to live well it is important to work with all those who love and support them as well as the professionals involved in decisions that may impact on their lives.

Through art we explore the potential of people with complex needs and those that support them and try to positively impact on the overall quality of their lives. Our activities include 1:1 workshops, group participatory workshops, professional development, support for whole families, advocacy and advice and interventions that improve quality in care and support. We also produce temporary exhibitions that reveal the abilities of our artist/makers and organise loans of their works to businesses. We have built partnerships with people with complex needs, their families, support workers, care providers, statutory agencies and galleries across the UK. These partnerships inform our programmes and reveal gaps in knowledge that we try to address through projects, forums, films, productions and articles.


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