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Kate Adams

CEO/Artist Director

Kate Adams, June 2022

Kate Adams

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Kate Adams is an artist, advocate and activist. She is Director & CEO of Project Art Works and has curated many responsive, collaborative projects with neurominorities, families, care services, artists and galleries.

Kate co-founded Project Art Works in 1997 to explore an expanded concept of art that was and continues to be influenced by Paul Colley, her son, who has complex support needs. Their work embraces personalised studio practice, peer support and award-winning films, art actions, installations and exhibitions. Kate’s practice disrupts preconceptions about what people can and can’t do, who they are and how they live, revealing other ways of being in and seeing the world.

Exhibitions & Residencies

2020 – Joint winners of the Film London Jarman Award

2021 – Shortlisted for the Turner Prize

2022 – Commissioned as one of 15 global ‘lumbung’ collectives to present in documenta fifteen