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A message from Kate Adams MBE, Director at Project Art Works.

“Through a year of social, political and contextual uncertainty, Project Art Works’ artists and makers and all our collaborators have demonstrated immense resilience and creativity. We look forward to 2019 which we anticipate will be an extraordinary year in all ways but especially in art and actions that continue to shine a light on diverse ways of being in and seeing the world.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and new year from all at Project Art Works.”

A look back at 2018.


2018 has been a busy year for EXPLORERS, developing 7 co-commissions with the project’s partners as well as planning and travelling to Scotland to film Illuminating the Wilderness. Much work has happened behind the scenes as well other actions such as encounter workshops with partners,  a week delivering Tate Exchange in Liverpool and, at the end of November, the 2ndEXPLORERS seminar: Art, Rights, Representation in partnership with the De La Warr Pavilion. Through collaborating with neurodiverse communities, a strong emphasis on human rights has emerged this year in particular the right to make, participate and contribute to art and culture. We end the year preparing for EXPLORERS 2019 – a major programme of exhibitions and actions that opens at MK Gallery in March followed by Tate Liverpool in April.

Find out more about EXPLORERS project and all of our partners work at


This year, 32 neurodiverse artists and makers have taken part in 354 creative workshops at our studios in Hastings as part of the PROPEL programme. The studio workshops are the ‘engine room’ of all Project Art Works activities and we look forward to a new year of their work and art and to meeting new studio collaborators in 2019!

“Everyone seems to like my painting, how I do it. That encourages me to do more, to keep going. Painting is really good for expressing yourself, bringing out the inner beauty of the subject.”  Participant, 2018

Art Breaks

Art Breaks is the beginning of many of the relationships at Project Art Works. Art Breaks offers children with complex support needs a creative freedom to explore a multi-sensory environment alongside their families, support teams and peers. In 2018 we worked with 168 individuals at our Hastings studio. Contact [email protected].

Peer Support Network

This year the Peer Support Network, which launched in 2017, has worked with over 200 parents, siblings, carers, support workers and health and social care providers to share their experience and generate more person-centred approaches to support, community life, housing, health and wellbeing. We have invited guest speakers including health and social care practitioners, commissioners, councillors and legal specialists to explore the lived experience of children, young people and adults who have complex support needs.

“Peer Support Network events and activities play a crucial role in keeping my family well connected to other families facing similar issues regarding the welfare of the people they care for. They help to shine light upon issues others are facing that may not be known to us, giving an opportunity to support them through awareness. Connectivity and awareness is needed to provide a caring and supportive society. The network provides a platform for discourse not readily available elsewhere.” Parent and Support Worker feedback

Find out more about the Peer Support Network Charter of Ambition and Rights for Personalisation and visit:

Art on Loan

It’s been an exciting year for  Art on Loan. New works from the archive have been selected for business offices of Capreon,  London and Stock Spirits in Buckinghamshire.

A new project, Local Art Stories, was launched with Premier Inn who selected 8 works for hotels and their head quarters in the South East. Staff from the selected hotels attended awareness raising and encounter events at Project Art Works.

If you are interested in working with us to curate an exhibition in your work place please contact [email protected].

The Mask

After winning Best Story at the Oska Bright Film Festival in 2017,  The Mask, a film written and directed by Sharif Persaud has been shown at screenings across the world including FilmBath UK, the Other Film Festival in London, Electric Palace in Hastings Sproutflix Festival in New York and Melbourne.

Find out more about Sharif and the film here.

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