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This August, artist/makers from the Project Art Works collective will be taking part in a group residency on board the ONCA barge in Brighton. ONCA has its roots in the powerful connections that can emerge between people and the environment and the way that encounters with the natural world can change us indefinitely. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers a unique space in which to explore their creative processes, in particular in relation to the natural world.

As well as making work on board, artist/makers will be able to explore the surrounding landscape, rich with under-cliff walks, beach combing and fossils that hint at the passing of geological time. Under ONCA’s wider residency theme for this year of ‘Making Care‘, the artists on board will share skills and processes, moving between individual practice and collaborative work, the studio and the wider landscape, and forming a temporary creative community in relationship to each other and the natural world.

We will be on the barge on Wednesdays throughout August and will share updates through a blog and our social media channels.

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Artists on board are Paul Colley, Lucy, Aida Ashall and Mark Lockton.

ONCA is a Brighton based arts charity that bridges social and environmental justice issues with creativity. Find out more about ONCA at

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From August 4, 2021
to August 25, 2021

Location: ONCA Barge, Brighton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01424 423555

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