The Programme

  • Peer Support Network

    The Peer Support Network is pilot initiative developed in direct response to a need articulated by the families that we work with. The Network provides support for families who already manage, or are considering setting up provisions through personalized budgets or Personal Health Budgets or Direct Payments.

  • Propel – Supported Studios

    Project Art Works’ Supported Studios enable adults with complex needs to develop their creative practice alongside an Artist Mentor and explore their potential as artists.

  • Propel – Parachute Activate

    Parachute ACTIVATE is a project for people in need of positive and creative solutions to particular periods of transition in their lives.

  • Propel – Tuesday Accelerate Studio

    The Tuesday Accelerate Studios is a creative studio programme for adults with complex needs, including those with profound and multiple needs.

  • EXPLORERS: Illuminating the Wilderness

    EXPLORERS is an innovative three-year project that will deliver a ‘Festival of Cultural Inclusion’ – placing people with complex needs as cultural leaders.

  • Parachute Club

    The Parachute Club is a project for ten young people in need of positive and creative solutions to behaviour support. The project offers a wide range of high quality materials and equipment, which the participants are encouraged to use in exciting and expansive ways.

  • Art Breaks Saturdays

    During Spring 2016, our Art Breaks provision was extended to run workshops at weekends for the first time. The pilot project offered the opportunity for 8 families to work with a professional artist every Saturday for 6 weeks.

  • Art Breaks

    Art Breaks is an innovative project that focuses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and non-learning disabled peers.

  • Collaborations

    Project Art Works have created a programme of innovative collaborations that promote deep and authentic relationships between arts organisations, social care professionals and people who have intellectual impairment.

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